Newcomers in Barfly

New 2023
Los Muertos / Mexico14chf
suggested garnish : Lime, chilli
suggested tonic :  Fever tree tonic
Tokyo night / Japan14chf
suggested garnishes : lime
suggested tonic :  Fever tree
Cinque Terre / Italy14chf
suggested garnishes : Basil leaf, Leom
suggested tonic : Mediteranean tonic
Bullards Coastal Gin / UK14chf
suggested garnishes : Orange zest
suggested tonic : Fever tree
Sugarbird / South Africa14 chf
suggested garnishes : grapefruit
suggested tonic: Fever tree

Barfly Basel dry gin

A recipe with a depth of flavour that suprise and delights
New 2023
Prince Explorer / Monaco14chf
suggested garnishes : Mandarin, pepper
suggested tonic : Mediteranean tonic
Amuerte Green Edition / Belgium14chf
suggested garnishes : lemon or orange
suggested tonic : Fever Tree
Japanese gin / UK14chf
suggested garnishes : orange zest, lemon
suggested tonic :Fever tree
Citris / Germany14chf
suggested garnishes : Orange 
suggested tonic : Fever tree
Tarsier Khao San / UK14chf
suggested garnishes : Lemon, chilli
suggested tonic : Fever Tree

The choice is yours

King's Hill

Adnams Orange&Seabuckthorn

German Giant Gin

Harahorn Orange

Los Muertos

Mr Hyde

Tarsier Khao San

Sipsmith Strawberry smash

Berkshire Gin

Jungle bird 16 chf
Amazonian (Hendrick's) gin, agave syrup, lime juice, Pisang Ambon, pineapple juice
Passion Martini 16 chf
Bloom Passion&Vanila gin, Passoa, Passion fruit, lime, simple syrup
Thyme after thyme16 chf
Lengtons gin,thyme,honey,lemon juice,cucumber,ginger beer
Rhubarb & ginger16 chf
Brokers gin, apple, fresh ginger, rhubarb syrup, aronia juice
Orient / S.Africa14 chf
sugested garnishes : Grapefruit
sugested tonic : Fever tree
Canaima / Venezuela14 chf
sugested garnishes : Grapefruit
sugested tonic : Salty grapefruit lemonade
Gin Eva / Spain14 chf
sugested garnishes : Orange or Lemon  sugested tonic : Mediteranean tonic
King of Soho / UK14 chf
sugested garnishes : juniper berry, lime sugested tonic : Franklin & Sons

A perfect G&T need the perfect mixer

Fever tree
Indian tonic5 chf
Mediterranean tonic5 chf
Refreshling Light5 chf
Ginger beer 5 chf
Ginger ale5 chf
Franklin & Sons
Natural Indian tonic 5 chf
Mallorcan Tonic Water5 chf
Premium Light Tonic Water5 chf

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