Newcomers in Barfly

Stillhouse / Namibia14chf
suggested garnish : Orange
suggested tonic :  Fever tree tonic
Tokyo night / Japan14chf
suggested garnishes : lime
suggested tonic :  Fever tree
Bloom Jasmine & Rose / UK14chf
suggested garnishes : Orange,rose
suggested tonic : Fever tree
Bullards Coastal Gin / UK14chf
suggested garnishes : Orange zest
suggested tonic : Fever tree
Sugarbird / South Africa14 chf
suggested garnishes : grapefruit
suggested tonic: Fever tree

Barfly Basel dry gin

A recipe with a depth of flavour that suprise and delights
Crafters Wild Forest / Estonia14chf
suggested garnishes : Grapefruit zeast
suggested tonic : Fever tree
Amuerte Green Edition / Belgium14chf
suggested garnishes : lemon or orange
suggested tonic : Fever Tree
Japanese gin / UK14chf
suggested garnishes : orange zest, lemon
suggested tonic :Fever tree
BUD Gin / Germany14chf
suggested garnishes : Lemon 
suggested tonic : Fever tree
Komasa Komikan / Japan14chf
suggested garnishes : Lime zest
suggested tonic : Mediteranean tonic

The choice is yours



Cape Fynbos citrus

Lemon grass& ginger

Scapegreace black

5 Continents



Pink pepper

Jungle bird 16 chf
Amazonian (Hendrick's) gin, agave syrup, lime juice, Pisang Ambon, pineapple juice
Garden of Eden 16 chf
Rhubarb & Apple gin, Apple juice, Lemon juice, Egg white, celery bitter
Thyme after thyme16 chf
Lengtons gin,thyme,honey,lemon juice,cucumber,ginger beer
Blackberry lemon16 chf
Gin,mint leaves,blackberrys,lemon juice
Orient / S.Africa14 chf
sugested garnishes : Grapefruit
sugested tonic : Fever tree
Canaima / Venezuela14 chf
sugested garnishes : Grapefruit
sugested tonic : Salty grapefruit lemonade
Gin Eva / Spain14 chf
sugested garnishes : Orange or Lemon  sugested tonic : Mediteranean tonic
King of Soho / UK14 chf
sugested garnishes : juniper berry, lime sugested tonic : Franklin & Sons

A perfect G&T need the perfect mixer

Fever tree
Indian tonic4 chf
Mediterranean tonic4 chf
Refreshling Light4 chf
Aromatic tonic4 chf
Ginger beer 4 chf
Sicilian lemonade 4 chf
Ginger ale4 chf
Lemon tonic4 chf
Franklin & Sons
Natural Indian tonic 4 chf

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